The station is run entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers

rw_-_call_out_12th_august-7477Our volunteer crew are the backbone of the lifeboat service, assisting people who are in trouble at sea, often saving lives.

There are more than 4,500 volunteer crew members at stations around the UK and RoI, and another 4,000 volunteer shore helpers who support them.

They are available 24/7, whatever the weather, to rescue those who need help at sea.

Night operations for rescues and training are a common part of station life

Crew Criteria

Members of the crew need to live or work close to the station so that they can respond quickly to any call outs. Availability for RNLI duties is high on the selection criteria.

Contrary to what you might expect only a small proportion of volunteers in the RNLI come from a maritime background.

The RNLI training is such that a volunteer will quickly become capable of performing duties on a lifeboat.

Age limitations

Taking into account the high performance nature of the craft plus the physical and mental demands of what we do RNLI have set age limits for crew.

Inshore Rapid Response Lifeboat – up to 45 but can be extended to 50

Inshore Hovercraft – up to 55 but can be extended to 60


As you would expect crew members need to be reasonably physically fit to carry out the necessary duties.


On joining the station you would normally serve as part of the beach crew who are essential for the launch & recovery of both the lifeboat and hovercraft. Duties would involve washing down the equipment, refuelling and preparing the lifeboat / hovercraft for operations.

Following experience as beach crew you may progress to lifeboat / hovercraft crew.

The extensive training given by ourselves will soon have you as a competent member of a valuable team, however training is an ongoing process that never ceases and requires considerable commitment from individuals.



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