This continues to develop with the Safety requirements of the boating public

Our main Objectives are:-
  • Save Lives at Sea by changing attitudes and behaviours
  • To be the lead provider of Sea Safety information

National Level

We do this through our many resources and Volunteer Advisers at National and International Boat Shows, Marina Days, Harbour Safety Days etc using our Sea Safety Road Show, branded Gazebos, Evelyn M Murdoch-our 5 metre RIB- and Presentations that include Life Jacket Clinics, Calling for Help demonstrations and general Advice on boating equipment and Safety. All these Presentations can be arranged through Tony Jones your local Sea Safety Officer at New Brighton.

Local Level

Our SEA Check scheme has now been re-titled Advice On Board and re-designed to bring the equipment list in line with up-to-date electronic practise. It is still Free-as are all our resources-and is still a one-to-one chat with the boat owner and crew to discuss the best level and type of equipment we, the RNLI, would like to see on board and also discuss the training needed to use this kit effectively. This service is still Free and your local Lifeboat Sea Safety Officer Tony Jones can arrange this for you at your convenience.

Tony can be contacted via our Free phone number 0800-328-0600, through the Station or email.

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