More than 4,800 lifeboat crew members around the UK and RoI drop everything when their pagers go off, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Only 1 in 10 crew members has a professional maritime occupation. Men and women of all ages and all walks of life crew the RNLI lifeboats around our coasts and waterways.

Inshore Lifeboat Crew Roles


Experienced & highly trained volunteer in charge of the lifeboat on a shout or during exercise – takes the front seat of the lifeboat.

Lifeboat Crew

Trained in a variety of roles covering Navigation, Radar, Communications, First Aid, Boat Handling –  located in the 3 seats behind the helmsman

Launch & Recovery Crew

The lifeboat is useless unless it can be launched – at New Brighton we are approx 1/4 mile from our preferred launch & recovery point on the Victoria slipway. Our tractor drivers have to be able to manage the ‘rig’ on main roads and then launch and recover the lifeboat in whatever conditions face them both day and night. On calm days it can be straightforward but when the seas are raging its a different matter. We can use several launch and recovery points both at New Brighton and down the River Mersey.

Hovercraft Crew Roles


In charge of the hovercraft during shouts and training


As the hovercraft handles more like an aircraft than boat when its underway – it requires considerable skill to manoeuvre the craft


Needed to assist on rescues and help balance the craft when manoeuvering

Operational Management Roles

Lifeboat Operations Manager & Deputy Launch Authorities

When we receive a request for assistance from HM Coastguard the person on call decides whether and what to launch according to the requirements of the situation and then oversees the operation from the lifeboat station.

In addition the Lifeboat Operations Manager is in charge of the station and ensures that the many & various tasks involved are carried out.


RNLI New Brighton Volunteers